How would you ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign? By promoting it right!
Most fundraising campaigns are accompanied by well-crafted marketing strategies. They begin right from pre-launch to the duration and continues even after the campaign is successful. Many creators and innovators set the rewards and chart the marketing plans for their crowdfunding project, while others outsource it to PR firms and Crowdfunding Agencies.

Before we take a peep at the top crowdfunding agencies, know how to choose the right agency for your campaign. You need to ensure that they’re best ones to create a buzz and raise awareness about our campaign:

1. Driven by your vision and mission: Make sure that the agency knows and can align itself to the vision and objectives of your brand/project. Choose one that will reflect and drive your mission.

2. Can set (and reap) the right rewards: Rest assured, you should never compromise on your reward levels! Go for the crowdfunding agency that can craft the best rewards for your crowdfunding campaign. Rewards are what attracts your backers to contribute to your product.

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3. Sell your story: How would you win the crowd over, and build a loyal community? Believe in your idea, and seek those that will follow it. As passionate as you are about your project, take a reality-check, you also need to sell it right! If you are unable to, find an agency that would.

4. Sell your story to the right ears: It isn’t enough that your team believes in your idea; so should the crowd. The agency should target your audience, channelize it and nurture the ecosystem for your product to grow. It works best when the crowdfunding firm already garners the attention of your target community.

5. Media access and coverage: This is where most entrepreneurs hit rock bottom. Even when you’ve built your network, you need to find the right ambassadors/publications to gain exposure. A brief research into the work profile of the crowdfunding agency, as well as the media access and coverage, can boost the success rate of your project.

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Top 10 Crowdfunding Agencies and PR Firms for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign:

  1. Crowdbooster

    Crowdbooster measures and optimises your social media marketing. It helps make data-driven decisions to improve online presence. Crowdbooster adapts to your audience as well as provide insight, suggests who you should engage with, and how to improve the content.

  2. Untorch

    Fully automated viral programme for email signups. Untorch is the best option for boosting your EMD: it creates an email capture form, provides each signup with a unique URL to share, keeps track of referrals and follows up with notifications. Untorch has a flat transaction fee of USD 199 per month, taken only after the campaign is successful.

  3. Agency 2.0

     Agency 2.0 has specialised in crowdfunding marketing and public relations since it was founded seven years ago, creating, designing and optimising Kickstarter campaigns.

  4. ZingoHub

    ZingoHub has an in-house ecosystem to market the campaigns launched on the platform. The Jumpstart Guru will guide your project right from pre-launch, to setting the reward levels, shooting the pitch video, as well as execute marketing strategies on behalf of your campaign. The 9% commission fee is transacted by the crowdfunding platform only if your project is successful; the Jumpstart Guru services available are hence risk-free.

5. GoGo Starters

GoGo Starters takes a limited number of campaigns, but provides all-in-one marketing solutions to the crowdfunding campaigns, most of which are from Kickstarter.

6. Command Partners

Command Partner’s background of working with a wide variety of global clients gives it the knowledge to develop a strategy to best fit your business needs and objectives. As a leading crowdfunding marketing agency, they take Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects to the next level, helping them reach their goal through PR, advertising and more.

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7. Ignite Agency

Ignite Agency uses a proprietary 200+ step process for the clients’ crowdfunding projects. From concept to completion such as video, content writing, rewards development, marketing, PR, they provide complete end-to-end services.

8. BackerKit

BackerKit is mainly a backer management software that makes it easy to survey, collect data, accept pre-orders and process pledges for fulfilment. They create and send surveys, offer add-ons and pledge level upgrades and automate your operations amongst other services.

9. Funded Today

Founders Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord are educators, lecturers, and go-to marketing consultants for some of the largest crowdfunding campaigns. Funded Today helps your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project raise more pledges, give 10% cashback for the campaigns backed, along with resource blogs. Instead of charging for the services, they take a portion of the funds raised.

10. The Crowdfund Mafia

From video and design to advertising and social, The Crowdfund Mafia meticulously engineers each and every part of the crowdfunding process. The consultancy mainly focuses on Hardware, IoT and Sustainable Tech Products.




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