So you’re all set to launch your campaign at ZingoHub. Before you reap your rewards, let’s take a step back and check the Creator and Innovator Essentials.
Your Campaign Page is your space to communicate with your community. An opportunity to make a connect and to show that you will do what it takes to make this project happen because of what it means to you.
To make sure that your message gets across let us cover the basic 3Ws  :
Who are you?
Introduce yourself to the community, the people involved in the project (if any), your previous work if it’s relevant to your current project.
What is your idea?
Don’t spare any details, find interesting ways to put your project across and grab the attention of the backers.
Why is it so important?
Talk about how you came up with the concept, share your inspiration, maybe it will inspire the backers too!

All About Reaping That Reward!

Structuring your reward level is one of the most important Creator Innovator Essentials. The reward level is unique to you. And this is what will attract your backer. Here’s a Reward Level checklist for you to attract more backers:

Decision: What Should The Reward Be?

Your reward could be anything that you think your community will value. It should have some relevance with your project and resonate with the backer.

Price it Wise!

While pricing the rewards, make it a good trade-off for them. They will consider if backing the project is bringing them something more in return, and when they do, the benefit of the reward should come out on top as compared to the price they are paying for it.

A Range Of Rewards

Offer a range of rewards, some ranging as low as $5 and higher depending on the kind of project you have. This flexibility in rewards will allow you to tap into different audiences and you will gain some loyal backers. Keep your budget in mind.
Do’s and Dont’s (recheck with the ppt)


Make a list of possible expenses:
A simple list will do wonders in organizing your rewards. Include the smallest of things. The number could turn out to be overwhelming. But it is much better to have every penny accounted for.
Devise a plan for arranging and delivering rewards and recognize all cost centers:
A simple plan can save you a lot of last minute panic.
The number might be more expensive that you originally thought of, but it is more important that every penny is accounted for in the beginning even if you achieve some economies later.
Chalk out the realistic number of backers:
The backers multiplied by the goal amount should be the goal amount.
You get your space to launch at ZingoHub and access to its community. Even then, most of the backers will be from your own network. These include people who have experienced your work before and want to see more of it. Also, friends and family that you can always rely on.
Account for all of these people and assess, how many people can you get on board for your project.


Keep the rewards simple and easy to deliver. Keep in mind what your ultimate goal from the campaign is.
Over-promise and Under-deliver:
Be realistic and precise while setting rewards.
ZingoHub uses an All or Nothing model. If your project is not successful, all the money will be returned to the backers.This makes things easier for both creators and their backers. Creators don’t have to squeeze the budget for their project. Backers are ensured that the money they’ve spent will yield some guaranteed reward.
While you might have an idea of the budget for your project, but if you haven’t jumpstarted a campaign before, rewards is not an obvious cost to consider. Arranging and sending out rewards may add to your current budget.

Interesting Rewards

Here are some interesting reward levels for campaigns that have successfully raised funds at ZingoHub. So pick your category, fuel your creativity to make inspiring rewards for your loyal backers!


Bull Funk Zoo, a band from UAE, decided to crowdfund its album Dangerous Radio.
One of their reward levels was “Signed Copy of the Album+ Bull Funk Zoo T-Shirt+ Poster+Thank You Video Message+ Mention on the Back Cover of the Music Album+ Skype Lesson with Bull Funk Zoo+ Dangerous Radio free Digital Download”. All this for just USD 300!

The Big Bad Bull Funk Zoo successfully completed 104% of the goal amount with $2077.


Shot from Little Planet by the Grasshoppers

Little Planet- Tale of the Lesser Known is a wildlife documentary on amphibians and reptiles. Their crowdfunding campaign was successfully funded with innovative rewards such as copy of the DVD, producer title and social media shout outs.

The documentary successfully raised $2278.



The 6th Nritarutya Adhyaya was unveiled to support upcoming dancers both nationally and internationally. The crowdfunding campaign used rewards such as choreography sessions with Mayuri Upadhya, reserved spots for the show amongst others.

The Adhyaya was successfully raised 114% of the goals and raised $1710.


Stephen Black

Stephen Black

Stephen Black’s I Ate Tiong Bahru Glassware is his take on sculptural conceptual art. The artist used appealing rewards for his community such as coffee with him, a tour around Tiong Bahru.

Stephen Black’s campaign was fully funded within 48 hours and raised 114% of its goals.


Chase your dreams and raise funds from the crowd. If you haven’t already, here’s your chance to Jumpstart your campaign at ZingoHub!


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