Once you launch a crowdfunding campaign, the success of your campaign is most dependent on promoting it right! Ever since you sowed the seed of an idea, it is the promotional strategies that’ll help it grow, expand and bear fruits. Right from the launch of your campaign, and even afterward.

Spread the word. Let people know. Flaunt your campaign!

Crowdfunding websites around the world, launch hundreds of campaigns in a month. How will you make sure yours gets the right exposure?

We’ve done extensive research about the crowdfunding promotion ideas and listed 50+ promotion ideas for your crowdfunding campaign. Use these marketing ideas to get more backers for your project and make it successful.

Comment below and let us know what crowdfunding marketing method worked well for your campaign.

1. Friends and Family

Most campaign owners plan to reach out to everyone they know, yet never end up doing it. Whatever the reasons be, you’ve to start with your friends and family for support.

Think about it. If your close ones do not support your project, how would it build credibility for someone else to fund it? A campaign that already has a reasonable amount of backers, will raise more funds from people outside your known network.

Long story short, start with your close-knit network of friends and family!

2. Go Old School

Campaigns that fail to raise funds, die. So use time-tested mediums of marketing and mix it up with digital marketing. This can give that extra boost to your crowdfunding campaign. As an entrepreneur, take risks and shed money on what always work. And from there on, think outside the box!

3. Get out there

Use local marketing to promote your campaign. Local marketing when mixed right with digital marketing, can give that extra boost to your campaign. Target your niche market by setting up in public areas relevant to it.

Showcase your idea and pitch it right. New and innovative ideas will encourage them to check out your product or pass the idea along


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4. Paid Ads

Most campaign owners are hesitant to venture into paid advertising. Another time-tested medium of marketing, paid advertising in the proper hands is an unbelievably powerful tool to transform your campaign and business.

These points prime success by minimizing the risk of failure and force smart decisions on the future of your company.

5. Nose for (local) news

Think local before you go global. Pitch your story to editors or writers in your network. This will give you the exposure and support your campaign initially requires.

Creating a local news buzz will give you mention in such media sources that strengthen the credibility of your campaign.

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6. Pitch a podcast

Move a step ahead with entrepreneurial podcasts. Creating high-quality content and interviews, these pre-built audiences work similar to blogs. This gives the listeners an in-depth look into your ideas and campaign.

Reach out to others interested in your industry and you may well find fellow fans willing to share your story.

7. Games and glory

Gamify your engagement. Spice up your campaign with a contest.Build engagement with your backers by coming up with interesting rewards. All of this builds an environment of support and strengthens the virality of your campaign at ZingoHub.

8. Backers are your brand ambassadors!

Your backers are your biggest fans, so get them truly involved. Keep interacting with your trusted customers. Epic updates to your backers should obviously be one of the top priorities. But in addition to the obvious, take a step ahead to get them involved.

Keep in touch with direct emails or messages, dedications or contest. Backers are the brand ambassadors that can spell defeat or unexpected success for your project.

9. Outreach strategy

Plan an outreach strategy and, more importantly, stick to it! Make sure you conduct primary research and define a strategy. Draft campaign materials, run a trial and error and make adjustments before you roll your campaign out.

10. Influencer Reach out

Research your influencers. Contact them. Connect to your influencers’ influencers.
Influencer marketing involves identifying key individuals who can deliver important content to your target audience.

The key to successfully contacting and working with influencers involves building relationships. A good relationship will be mutually beneficial; it organically grows your reach while providing the influencer with something in return.

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11. WOM Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing for your crowdfunding campaign includes ‘seeding’ a message in a network, rewarding regular consumers to engage in WOM and employing WOM ‘agents’.

12. Referrals

Spread the word about your fundraising campaign through referral marketing. This can be through a business’ existing customers, rather than traditional advertising.

Word-of-mouth marketing, which occurs when others tell each other about a business, is also considered a form of referral marketing.

Here are a few ways in which you could make referral programs improve your store.

13. Forward your ideas

Spread the word with an email campaign where you encourage your subscribers to forward a message to their friends.

14. Perks and Discounts

Create a referral campaign where your readers can send new customers your way, perhaps with a discount or perk.

15. Relatable Content

Create shareable content on your website. The internet often has a jumble of the same content, created and curated for the viewers. Create content that stands out and is different, specifically for your audience.

16. Event Marketing

Producing event marketing with the intention of having your best customers or clients bring their friends. This can take your crowdfunding campaign a step ahead!

17. Create Conversation

Design an ad campaign to generate conversation. Start a discussion or create polls on topics that would interest your supporters.

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18. Cross Promote

Cross promotion for crowdfunding campaigns occurs when project creators mutually promote each other’s campaigns amongst their circle of backers.

Find similar projects, form an agreement with each other and you’re good to go! This way, you can easily get new supporters who are beyond your initial target audience.

19. Shoot a Mail

Direct email outreach is the most effective tool for driving early momentum and offers actionable tips for maximum email success. Most crowdfunding platforms like ZingoHub will mail your campaign details to the platform’s community of backers. Other than reaching out to your existing network, email marketing can be used to attract potential backers. Tools such as MailChimp and Hootsuite are available to help you send customized emails.

20. From a Teaser to a Thank you: Email Checklist

Pre-Launch: When your campaign is at the pre-launch stage, sending a mail with help build an anticipation to build that buzz. This would be your ‘teaser email’.

Launch: Once it has been launched, reach out with the details of your campaign and then the progress of it. A few days before the end of the campaign, send a mail disclosing it. Include the amount raised, and the number of days left. Most crowdfunding platforms depend on this tool to gather the reach the last few goals.

Post Launch: Once your crowdfunding campaign has been successfully launched, the first thing you need to do is to thank your backers.

These are your loyal supporters who have made your dream a reality. Showing appreciation will turn your backers into advocates for your campaign.


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21. Tips and Tricks to Email Marketing

Here are some variables you need to keep in mind before you shoot a mail. For the best email list, start with the strongest relationships and branch out from there.

Always offer a strong call-to-action in the subject line of your email.

Even before you ask them to contribute to your campaign, engage your supporters. Keep in mind that your backers are your brand ambassadors.

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22. Build trust with Content Marketing

Copyblogger, one of the leading authorities on the subject (and a good site to check out) says:

“Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.”

Your audience deserves content of high quality. And so do you. This will help gain you credibility, and establish you as a thought-leader. Blogging is one such way to marketing your content. Check out sites such as WordPress, Blogger.com, Google Blog etc.

Content marketing makes your crowdfunding campaign more prone to engage and worthy of the support you hope to earn.  The following are tips to create quality content.

23. Add a personal touch

Turn your supporters into contributors. Their stories add a personal touch and add to the credibility of your project.

24. Eye-catching content

Showcase a variety of content on your blog. Mix it up instead of sticking to a specific category. Versatile content will catch the reader’s attention.

25. Keep it conversational

Create content that is relevant and relatable. Your readers should feel connected to you and your work through the blog.

26. Create multi-dimensional content

Not every content has to be original. Curate content from relevant blogs. Share your partner’s content, case studies, opinions/interviews or anything else that is relevant to your project. 

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27. The More the Merrier

Your content has to strike a contrast with similar or relating blogs that are available. Ensure that your content reaches to as wide a target audience as is available. In fact, the more the merrier! Remember to create high exposure for your content with consistent posts.

28. Resonate with your supporters

Articulate your content with clarity. Ensure that your audience can grasp it easily. Though tricky and take a lot of time, maintaining trust and respectability amongst your supporters is important. Keeping trust and articulation in mind, resonate with your supporters to create a connect.

29. Create a buzz through Social Media

For every campaign owner, using social media is a must to create that buzz! You can build, engage and interact with your loyal community. Here are some strategies on how to use social media effectively.

30. Facebook

The more likes and comments, the more a page is seen as relevant on Facebook. Timing is everything with your posts, leverage it to reach out to your audience.

31. 80/20 to the rescue

Test the 80/20 rule. Whenever you post about your campaign or startup, 80% of the time talk a different, or a more personal side, to make your startup more relatable. Create a strategy for engagement and marketing.

32. Twitter

Keep it short and precise to have an impact. Tweets with visuals get two times the engagement rate than those without. Videos have a higher impact as compared to stunning visuals.

33. #teasercontent

Twitter hashtags help organize the content you tweet. Create polls to cultivate engagement with a two-way dialogue. Tweet, re-tweet, and repeat!

34. Instagram

Like any other social media tool, target potential backers. Create and channel such content that would appeal to your supporters.

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35. Google+

Google+ is not much popular as Facebook and Twitter, but don’t underestimate the power of Google+. It has 375 Million monthly active users and has a niche of active communities which you can use to drive traffic to your campaign page.

36. Whatsapp

Not only social media, instant messenger like Whatsapp can make your crowdfunding campaign go viral. You can use Whatsapp broadcasting groups option to send a message to people those provided their mobile number in your pre-launch campaign.

37. Pinterest

You can expand your campaign reach and get more backers if you are using Pinterest the right way. You can find the influencers in your niche and ask them to promote your campaign.

Pinterest also has an advertising platform which will help you to promote your pins and get more visibility for your crowdfunding campaign. Pinterest is the right platform if your crowdfunding campaign is related to women’s fashion.

38. Medium and Digg

Content is the best way to reach more of your target audience for your fundraising campaign. But you can’t build your tribe in short time.

You can use the existing community on medium to get more visibility for the crowdfunding page. If you write an interesting story around your crowdfunding project, you drive immense traffic from Medium.

On medium, you can discover publications related to particular category and reach out to them to pick up your story.  This way, you can unlock the huge community traffic from those publications.

39. Reddit

Reddit is the place where you can find a different kind of content. Reddit has different communities based on interests, called as ‘subreddit’. Engaging in the community and posting interesting story around your campaign you get more visitors to the project page.

Be careful when you promote your campaign on Reddit, if you are spamming around the subreddit, you will be banned.

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40. Product Hunt

People use ProductHunt to discover new product and tools. If you are raising fund for some tech product, you can people those interested in technology.

It is working on upvote/downvote method. You can ask your friends, family, and supporter to upvote your project on product hunt to give the initial push.

41. Youtube

On an average, a user spends more than 40 minutes of time per session on Youtube. Create a proper pitch video and promote it to people those have an interest in your projects. You can also create viral content related to the campaign and give some initial traction.

42. SEO

Search engines can bring more of the (target) audience to the campaign page, that too for free. You have to spend more time to find focused keyword and optimize your campaign for those keywords with high search volumes.

As SEO will take some time to show results, it is good to start optimizing campaign page early for best results.

 43. Social Media Marketing

To sum it up, formulate a kickass social media marketing strategy for your campaign. Test, evaluate and adjust your social media plan and find out which of the above tools work best for your project. Read more here.

44. Public Relations

If you have the budget to spare, hire a professional Public Relations agencies to spread the word about your crowdfunding activity. All successful campaigns need a well-crafted marketing strategy. Check out a list of best PR firms for crowdfunding

45. The Community of Backers

Take your campaign to interested backers. And instead of hunting for them, reach out to them through various communities such as Backer’s Community, BackersHub etc.

Join crowdfunding-related groups on social media, and keep reaching out to the community of backers.

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46.  Crowdfunding Consultancies

You not only need someone great with public relations skills but a consultant with experience with social media and digital marketing.

A good consultant understands the crowdfunding landscape, including who to reach out to and how to target media and donors depending on what industry your campaign falls into. Read ahead on Entrepreneur about the pros and cons of hiring a crowdfunding consultant.

47. Improving your brand image

Brand image is the current view of the customers about a brand. It can be defined as a unique bundle of associations within the minds of target customers. It signifies what the brand presently stands for.

It is a set of beliefs held about a specific brand. Crowdfunding boosts your brand image and acts as a catalyst to marketing.

48. Have an Individuality

Make sure that the image of your brand, all through the promotion of the crowdfunding campaign, is authentic and personal. Having an individuality across all networking mediums help build trust, relatability, and credibility.

49. Run Advertisements

Online advertisements come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From the classic digital ad formats like IAB banners to modern video overlay ads, lots of ad formats can be used for your crowdfunding campaign to earn the backers’ attention. Read more here.

 50. Attract visitors

To summarize, of the two main essentials, the objective of promoting your crowdfunding campaign should be to attract visitors. This can be through social media or emails to get people to talk about your project.

51. Convert visitors into backers

The next essential should be to use the right content and right rewards to persuade users to take action. This will convert your visitors into backers.

The next step is to convert your backers into promoters. Keep in touch with your backers and encourage them to spread the word about your initiative.


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