Your crowdfunding pitch video is crucial to the success of your campaign. If you need backers, you need to make a great pitch video. As simple as that!

So what is it that most campaign owners fail to include in their pitch video?

Our visual content expert has worked with us to make 100+ successful projects with creators and innovators across the globe. Here’s his take on popular queries on Quora.

We have answered them all to help us help you make a killer pitch video for your crowdfunding campaign!

  1. How Do I Make A Crowdfunding Video?


You don’t need any professional skills to make a crowdfunding video, you need to keep it engaging and convey your message to the viewer. So content is important. You can even shoot a decent video with a good smartphone.

Few things that you need to give importance to is lighting, camera placement/movement (what you are showing in the video should be clearly visible to the viewer) and the sound quality (people needs to understand what you are talking about) .

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2. What are the most important points to remember while making a crowdfunding pitch video?
  1. What are you crowdfunding?
  2. Why are you going for crowdfunding?
  3. Why do people need to back you?
  4. What are they getting in return? (Applies to reward-based crowdfunding)
  5. Showcase your previous works or recognitions (Important if you are an artist)
  6. End note with CTA
  7. Make sure there is a smooth flow in the video and that you connect all these points.
  8. Your video should not just be interesting enough to watch but should also encourage the viewer to fund your project. That’s the whole point of making a pitch video!

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3. How Do I Make An Awesome Crowdfunding Video for my Product?

3Keep it short, simple and interesting. As they say, less is more. But make sure that you convey your message to the backer.

Just don’t showcase the use case of your product in a typical product video style. Create a story around your product, tell it in an interesting way, and connect with your audience.

 4. How long should a video for a crowdfunding campaign be?


The ideal crowdfunding video should be within 2mins. It may go up to 2.30mins if you really want to include something important.

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5. How much does it cost to make a crowdfunding pitch video?


It depends on the product/ idea that you are crowdfunding.

For example, if you are aiming to sell an IoT device, you may have to showcase the use case of the product, working, design etc. This needs a lot of time and money to be spent.

If it is for a music concert/ short film you just have to explain your ideas and showcase some of your previous works, which requires less effort.

In general, to make a decent crowd funding video you’ll have to spend INR4-6k/roughly $100.

6. What is The Best Way to Crowdfund A Movie?


  • Tell your audience what your idea is and why you wish to make this film.
  • Feature your previous works. Show them your potential, gain some trust and build more audience.
  • Tell them why you are going for crowdfunding; why not the traditional way.
  • Explain how the movie production works in each step. Give them a breakdown of the money you are going to need for each stage.
  • Tell them what they are going to get in return for supporting the project.
  • Stay connected with your audience. Keep them updated.

7. How Can We Arrange to Crowdfund Movies?


  1. Find your audience and create content so that they can also find you. (Every filmmaker has his own style of making a film and hence, his/her own set of audience)
  2. Plan your budget. Break it down for all the stages of production.
  3. Utilize your community to crowd-source along with crowdfunding. This will help you save so much money that would otherwise be left down the drain, especially if you opt the traditional way of making a film.
  4. Marketing is a very important part. Utilize the social media to the fullest.

To know more about how a movie can be made with crowdfunding, watch this video by Pawan Kumar, who is prominent Director in Kannada Industry and did a successfully crowdfunded movie Lucia, which was acclaimed in International level.

(00.30.00min to 1.01.28min)

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8. How Should I Make a Crowdfunded Movie 5 years from Today?


If you are willing to go for crowdfunding, the first thing you need to know is whether you have enough backers out there who can bring life to your project.

If you have it, great. Else you need to build that audience who believe in you and love what you do. Be interactive, keep your audience engaged with your works and ideas.  Believe me, half of your work is done once you reach this stage.

Simultaneously work on preproduction process. Your idea/script, building a team that believes in your dream and works towards its success.

Figure out different ways to reach out the crowd; essentially on how to market your campaign.

Decide on what you can give back as ‘rewards’ to people who support you.

If you’ve all of these figured out, Go For It! Launch your campaign, spread the word, get funds and start shooting.

Keep your backers updated throughout the process. Update them about each stage of your production. Don’t make them wonder what you are doing with their money.

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