There are simple ways to jump-start your crowdfunding campaign and then there are even simpler ways to creating a market for your idea. The idea you come up with is without question a very significant thought to you. But before even thinking about materializing upon it, there are three extremely important aspects that many of us may fail to understand. These aspects may essentially among other things make or break your idea. Alright so lets gets right into it.


1: Step out of your shoes

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea that you believe should be crowdfunded. Why? At every step of the way along with every single brick you lay down in order to construct your idea ask yourself why? The most significant part about this ‘why’ is to be able to detach yourself from your idea completely enough to delve into the mind of the consumer, considering yourself looking at your idea from afar. View it from the lens of a person who is but just introduced to this idea. That maybe difficult at first because to you the idea seems grand but consider how many ideas have lost their value in the competitive market even though they had seemed grand to their respective creators. Only in the construction of the idea should it seem a masterpiece to you but the moment you set your path on realizing it, step out of your shoes and into the shoes for whom that idea is meant to be for.


2: Be the consumer

Stop imagining yourself as the seller, think of yourself as the consumer. What relevance and or importance would a said product or service hold for you. Why should you give a portion of your own resources and the money you’ve earned through laboring away your time for an idea that is not even yours? Is that idea significant enough to make these decisions easier for the consumer or is it not? For in case it isn’t, rearrange the construction of the idea, re-shape and tailor in a manner where the consumers find this task easy. You’ll only be able to take full advantage of a crowdfunding resource as our Zingohub if you keep altering your perspective. The market isn’t about a single entity.

The market is about a relationship essentially between two entities: The consumer and the producer. In any sort of relationship, moving forward with an importance on only one of the entities may prove fruitless. Unless and until you understand the importance of the binary as having two parts as a functioning whole, you are playing it unsafe.

3: Let them be the sellers

The idea was grand to you, should it not be grand to them? Promote your idea, campaign for it, market and advertise it in ways that preserve its originality. The idea seemed like a market integrating idea to you only because of how it was constructed in your mind. Market it in a manner so that its retains that original grandeur. Do not make the mistake of pleasing the consumers, making it eye catching enough for the consumers to be persuaded. Those are all tactics that the perfect market with its perfect knowledge has done away with. The consumer is rational and he is informed and so you are you because you are one too. You came up with an idea in a practical and a rational manner and make it seem the same to your sources of crowdfunding.

Consider this approach the next time you want to crowd-fund your idea and be assured this framework will help you in constructing your ideas in such a manner that will kick your campaign to a great start. Happy crowdfunding.

Posted by Amna Mushtaq

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